Many use cases in the telecommunication industry require producing counters, quality metrics, and alarms in a streaming fashion with very low latency. Most of this metrics are only valuable when they’re made available as soon as the associated events happened. In our company we are looking for a system able to produce this kind of real-time indicator, which must handle massive amounts of data (400,000 eps) with often peak loads (like New Year’s Eve) or out-of-order events like massive network disorder. Low latency and flexible window management with specific watermark emission are also a must-haves. Heterogeneous format, multiple flow correlation, and the possibility of late data arrival are other challenges. Flink being already widely used at Bouygues Telecom for real-time data integration, its features made it the evident candidate for the future System. In this talk, we’ll present a real use case of streaming analytics using Flink, Kafka & HBase along with other legacy systems.

Slides: Thomas Lamirault_Mohamed Amine Abdessemed -A brief history of time with Apache Flink.pdf

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Thomas Lamirault
Bouygues Telecom
Mohamed Amine Abdessemed
Solution Architect / Software engineer, Bouygues Telecom