In this session we will first have a look at the current state of Apache Flink before diving into some of the upcoming features that are either already in development or still in the design phase. Some of the features currently in development that we are going to cover are: – Dynamic Scaling: Adapting a running program to changing workloads. – Queryable State: External querying of internal Flink state. This has the power to replace key/value stores by turning Flink into a key value store that allows for up to date querying of results. – Side Inputs: Having additional data that evolves over time as input to a stream operation. For the glimpse at the far-off future of Apache Flink we dare not make any predictions yet. In the session we will look at the latest whisperings and see what the community is currently thinking up as solutions to existing problems and predicted future challenges in the stream processing space.

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Aljoscha Krettek
Software Engineer, data Artisans