It is no secret that the Dataflow model, which evolved from Google’s MapReduce, Flume, and MillWheel, has been a major influence to Apache Flink’s streaming API. The essentials of this model are captured in Apache Beam. Beam provides the Dataflow API with the option to deploy to various backends (e.g. Flink, Spark). In this talk we will examine the current state of the Flink Runner. Beam’s Runners manage the translation of the Beam API into the backend API. The Beam project itself has made an effort to summarize the capabilities of each Runner to provide an overview of the supported API concepts. From all open sources backends, Flink is currently the Runner which supports the most features. We will look at the supported Beam features and their counterpart in Flink. Further, we will look at potential improvements and upcoming features of the Flink Runner.

Slides: Maximilian Michels – Flink and Beam: Current State & Roadmap

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Maximilian Michels
Software Engineer, data Artisans