Deep Learning has become very popular over the last few years in areas such as Image Recognition, Fraud Detection, Machine Translation etc. Deep Learning has proved to be very useful in handling unstructured data and extracting value from them. A big challenge with having to build deep learning models was the high cost of training them. With the recent advent of distributed frameworks like Apache Flink, Apache Spark etc.. it’s faster to train Deep Learning models in parallel on modern platform architecture. In this talk, we’ll be showing how to use Apache Flink Streaming with the open source Deep Learning framework, DeepLearning4j to perform large scale deep learning model training. We will show a demo of a Recurrent Neural Net that is trained for language modeling and have it generate text.

Slides: Suneel Marthi – Deep Learning with Apache Flink and DL4JSuneel Marthi – Deep Learning with Apache Flink and DL4J


Suneel Marthi
Senior Principal Engineer, Office of Technology, Red Hat, Inc.