Getting data in and out of Flink in a reliable fashion is one of the most important tasks of a stream processor. This talk will review the most important and frequently used connectors in Flink. Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis Streams both fall into the same category of distributed, high-throughput and durable publish-subscribe messaging systems. The talk will explain how the connectors in Flink for these systems are implemented. In particular we’ll focus on how we ensure exactly-once semantics while consuming data and how offsets/sequence numbers are handled. We will also review two generic tools in Flink for connectors: A message acknowledging source for classical message queues (like those implementing AMQP) and a generic write ahead log sink, using Flink’s state backend abstraction. The objective of the talk is to explain the internals of the streaming connectors, so that people can understand their behavior, configure them properly and implement their own connectors.

Slides: Robert Metzger – Connecting Apache Flink to the World – Reviewing the streaming connectors

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Robert Metzger
Software Engineer, data Artisans