The past 12 months saw the data streaming ecosystem mature and grow tremendously with new open source projects and products being offered in the market, and more large-scale production applications of streaming data. It is now understood that streaming data is not a fad, but a growing industry that is here to stay.

Apache Flink was one of the pioneering communities advocating that stream processing is a great fit for the continuous nature of data production, and that batch processing can be seen and efficiently performed as a special case of stream processing. Flink saw tremendous growth since the last Flink Forward conference, with the project boasting now more than 200 contributors from several companies, several production installations and broad adoption.

In this talk, we discuss several large-scale stream processing use cases that we see at data Artisans. Additionally, we discuss what this accelerated growth means for Flink, how we can sustain this growth moving forward, as well as a vision for the next big directions in Flink.

Slides: Kostas Tzoumas_Stpehan Ewen – Keynote -The maturing data streaming ecosystem and Apache Flink’s accelerated growth

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