As stream processing systems become more mainstream companies are looking to empower their users to take advantage of this technology. Stream processing systems promise to allow users to gain valuable data insights in realtime and to simplify and improve common data processing and analytics tasks.

The scale of stream processing systems can be measured along several dimensions. We will focus on two of them in this session. The first dimension is data velocity. Millions of messages per second is common for some workloads. The second dimension is user base. Those implementing stream processing systems need to support large and diverse user populations.

In this session we will have leading experts in the field talk about the challenges they have faced and the solutions they have discovered while implementing stream processing systems at very large scales. We will cover the motivations behind these systems, discuss the various user groups they serve, and discuss the major challenges that need to be addressed.

Moderated by Jamie Grier.

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Ted Dunning
Chief Application Architect, MapR Technologies
Monal Daxini
Senior Software Engineer, Netflix, Inc.
Jamie Grier
Director of Applications Engineering, data Artisans