With its first edition Flink Forward gained a lot of recognition within the Apache community. Following the success of last year’s conference, we are pleased to welcome the speakers for Flink Forward 2016.

The conference will feature talks ranging from building a scalable stream processing using different Apache frameworks to autoscaling and dynamic work rebalancing in Apache Beam. Furthermore the open source community will learn about the improvements of Apache Flink and its applications.  Attendees can also expect an Internet of Things use case where sensor data is streamed and analyzed, as well as a talk on how Apache Flink™ is used to detect anomalies on OpenStack cloud platform.
Find the sessions here and and all information on our speakers here.

Among many great speakers find a selection of our highlights here:

Monal Daxini, Senior Software Engineer, Netflix. Inc – Beaming Flink to the Cloud at Netflix
Malo Denielou, Software Engineer, Google – No shard left behind: Dynamic work rebalancing in Apache Beam
Xiaowei Jiang, Director, Alibaba – Blink: Improvements to Flink and its application in Alibaba Search
Mark Chmarny, Director Cloud Platform Engineering, Intel – Use of Apache Flink and Machine Learning in industrial systems
Ted Dunning, Chief Application Architect, MapR Technologies – Faster and Furiouser: Flink Drift
Stephan Ewen, CTO, data Artisans – Scaling Stream Processing with Apache Flink to very large State