We are very excited to announce Ted Dunning as a keynote speaker for Flink Forward 2016! Ted is the VP of Incubator at Apache Software Foundation, the Chief Application Architect at MapR Technologies and a mentor on many recent projects. “How Can We Take Flink Forward?” will be presented on the second day of the conference.

Following Ted’s keynote, we’ll present a panel discussion on “Large Scale Streaming in Production“. As stream processing systems become more mainstream companies are looking to empower their users to take advantage of this technology. We welcome leading stream processing experts Xiaowei Jiang (Alibaba), Monal Daxini (Netflix. Inc), Maxim Fateev (Uber) and Ted Dunning (MapR Technologies) on stage to talk about the challenges they have faced and the solutions they have discovered while implementing stream processing systems at very large scales. The panel will be moderated by Jamie Grier (data Artisans).

The welcome keynote on Monday, September 12, will be given by data Artisans’ co-founders Kostas Tzoumas and Stephan Ewen. They will talk about “The maturing data streaming ecosystem and Apache Flink’s accelerated growth“. In this talk, Kostas and Stephan discuss several large-scale stream processing use cases that the data Artisans has seen over the past year.

Moreover, we are looking forward to Maxim Fateev’s talk “Beyond the Watermark: On-Demand Backfilling in Flink“. Flink’s time-progress model is built around a single watermark, which is incompatible with Uber’s business need for generating aggregates retroactively. Maxim’s talk covers Uber’s solution for on-demand backfilling.

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