Apache Flink has come a long way from its academic beginnings. It is now one of the most technically advanced solutions for streaming computation. And batch computation, too. Flink has serious technical advantages when compared with nearly every alternative system.

This success ironically means that Apache Flink is right on the cusp of a critical moment.  Over the next few months it will be decided whether Flink is the Next Big Thing or if it is a fine technology with limited impact.

Right now, what you and I do can make a huge difference. But as business people like to say, what got Flink here isn’t what’s going to get it there. The challenges the Flink community faces now are different from the technical challenges it has met so far.

I will talk about what I think will help and how we can all pitch in to take Flink forward.

Slides: Ted Dunning – Keynote – How Can We Take Flink Forward?

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Ted Dunning
Chief Application Architect, MapR Technologies